Forward-Looking Taxi Company in Suburban Denver Turns to the Pros at the Seattle Website Design Group for Fresh New Ideas

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You Are Here:Forward-Looking Taxi Company in Suburban Denver Turns to the Pros at the Seattle Website Design Group for Fresh New Ideas

Lakewood Taxi Services in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, recently inked a deal for a new website from the Seattle Website Design Group.

The owner and operator of Lakewood Taxi Services ( is Drayton Dunwody, a lifetime resident of Colorado, and a man who has done many things in his life in addition to running a taxi company.

Mr. Dunwody saw the website of Maria Andreas, a graphic artist in Denver, and a good friend of Mr. Dunwody’s. She told him that her site had been created and produced by the Seattle Website Design Group.

Ms. Andreas’ website was very fresh and forward-looking, and also very clean and clear. It was just the sort of thing that Mr. Dunwody was looking for in a website.

So he called the Seattle Website Design Group and got Mark Habersham on the line.


Mark, of course, is our number one sales guy, a man who is not designed to take no for an answer.

He is, as all of you know, a person who has a tendency to come on strong, but as things turned out he had no need to come on like that with Mr. Dunwody.

Mr. Dunwody told him straight out that he loved the job that our group had done for Maria Andreas, and that he wanted us to make him a website just like that for him too.

Mark told me that that was the easiest sale he had ever made, and that he had immediately turned Mr. Dunwody over to Janice Florence in our design group.

Janice promptly hooked Mr. Dunwody into a Google Hangout, and together they hashed out a truly big and bold idea for his website.

The site was up and running in less than two weeks, and the reason I bring all this to your attention is to remind you that if we want the Seattle Website Design Group to keep growing like it has in the past, this is what we are going to have to do in the future: we are going to have to make websites that inflame all those who see them with the insatiable desire to have a website like that for themselves.

We’ve been doing that more and more lately, so let’s keep on doing it; let’s keep on making sure that the Seattle Website Design Group keeps on being what it has always been.

Let’s make sure that it keeps on being the hottest shop in all of America!

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